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naruto manga 629

naruto manga 629

This chapter did not even come close to the last one!  But, were we not supposed to get a double chapter this week? I feel like everytime we are supposed to get a double chapter, we never get it! Is this the new chapter ??? for real ? I just wasted my time reading it, if I had to spend money to read this crap I would be really pissed.

Couldn’t give Kishi us the cliffhanger of the Kage’s appearing on battlefield?? This chapter was.. compared to the last few disappointing. We’re back to the same talking stuff we had over and over again. To be honest, the only interesting fact was Obito warping away with Kakashi. Their personal fight has to be finished there, one has to be taken out of the battle. Or Kakashi will finally get the trick of how to warp his own body.

Obito is born.Tobi might be using Obito’s eye but that is improbable since it would most likely be MS technique BUT considering how much he’s been using it he would be blind by now. Itachi used it very sporadically and was blind, same Sasuke-Tobi is spamming it for 17 years and is OK?